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1. Q: My time is not showing up yet! Where is it?

   A: The results are still being updated this week (Oct. 22 to Oct. 26).  
      If you still do not have a time after this point, please click the "Results Question?"
      button on this page.

2. Q: I registered for the walk, but my time is showing up in the "Run" category, why is that?
   A: Walkers who crossed the start line before the gun went off for the Walk race have been
      automatically assigned to the Run race.  The Gun Time will be changed to the Run start 
      as well, but your Chip Time will be unaffected.

3. Q: My name is spelled wrong/I have the wrong age group or gender assigned to me.  How can I 
      change this?
   A: Click the "Results Question?" button and please let us know.  These are easy fixes.

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